Short-term actionable trade ideas for major grains

There is expected to be some minor changes to the WASDE report due May 12 [next week]. The changes are listed here below:

  1. U.S. Soybeans and Products Supply and Use, “Biofuel” will replace “Biodiesel” in the soybean oil section and the report is expected to follow soybean oil used for biofuel as reported in the Monthly Biofuels Capacity and Feedstocks.
  2. Soybean meal used by China is expected to be separated out from the standard consumption data
  3. In the Rice category, and due to the significant rise in U.S. imports of long-grain and medium- and short-grain rice over the past decade, WASDE report is expected to separately report long-grain and combined medium and short-grain rice.
  4. Beginning this month, UK data will be disaggregated from the regional total and presented separately in the report following Britain's exit from the EU.

We are currently active in all the trades shown below for grains and expect the moves to achieve stated Profit targets. We are bullish grain prices as commodity prices continue to perform better here since March'21.

Short-term trade ideas [All listed are currently active]

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